We are City of Tampa’s first privately held premium indoor urban farm, located in the heart of South Tampa.

Our clientele consists of local restaurant
groups, boutique grocers and YOU!

Our mission will always remain the same:

To uphold a scalable & sustainable institution that supplies the most premium (and most beautiful!) product, craftsmanship and an overall quality experience to those
we are serving and to the community as a whole.

Our Space

We cannot wait to welcome our endeared community to our urban finca! 

From (Urban) Farm to Table


Every one of our customers can expect to receive the freshest, most premium produce available along with seasonal.

As the season changes, so will our produce. Yet, we will always
maintain the staples that thrive all year long.

We are also thrilled to provide our local chefs & restauranteurs the
chance to tell us what they would like to see more of or items they
have a hard time getting on their own. We love the approach of
providing these customers with a personalized experience and
meeting the needs of our overall clientele with product that is
rare, along with special.

Get to know us

Hi & Welcome!
We’re so excited you’re here.

Le Roots is the brain-child of
Christina Suarez Alvarez & Zack Alvarez

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