What We Do

We are a commercial, indoor vertical farm focused on offering premium and sustainable aeroponic & hydroponic food solutions to thriving urban markets.

Our unique approach to indoor farming allows us to yield 10x more production than traditional outdoor farming methods, in addition to utilizing natural and also cost-effective environmental tools like rainwater harvesting and natural sunlight to produce our premium food solutions.

Our system allows the roots of our plants to obtain constant mineral-rich water consumption with above average oxygen exposure yielding clean, lush crops. In addition to increased growth rates, this system recycles its water source saving up to 95% more water compared to traditional farming systems.

At Le Roots, we have the ability to grow more than 150 wellness-promoting plants, inclusive of various lettuces, herbs, fruits & vegetables, as well as various edible flowers. By having the flexibility to grow these various types of consumable plants, we are better able to meet local demands.

Every one of our customers can expect to receive the freshest,
most premium produce available along with seasonal.

As the season changes, so will our produce. Yet, we will always maintain the staples that thrive all year long.

We are also thrilled to provide our local chefs & restauranteurs the chance to tell us what they would like to see more of or items they have a hard time getting on their own. We love the approach of providing these customers with a personalized experience and meeting the needs of our overall clientele with product that is rare, along with special.

  • Upon visiting, one can expect to shop our produce selections through our market.

    Here we will also be selling other seasonal offerings & items for the home. We want our customers to be able to linger and enjoy what will be a one-of-a-kind experience. We cannot wait to welcome our endeared community & visitors from all over to our urban finca!

    We are City of Tampa’s first privately held indoor urban farm, located in the heart of South Tampa. Our clientele consists of local restaurant groups, boutique grocers and YOU!

    We are endlessly grateful to the City of Tampa for not only approving our unique concept, but also being in support of it from the very beginning.

  • We believe that being the source, the point of supply, gives us the opportunity to ensure

    that every piece of produce lives up to our standards,
    quality over quantity.

    We pride ourselves in being a sustainable business and while thriving through the use of our Mother Earth, we also ensure to take care of Her, as She takes care of all of us.

    At Le Roots, we believe we are all in this together and want each of our customers to know & to feel their own support of the community every time they set foot on our finca.

Our mission will always remain the same:

To uphold a scalable & sustainable institution that supplies the most
premium (and most beautiful!) product, craftsmanship and an overall quality experience to those we are serving and to the community as a whole.

Bottom-line fact:

Local food sustainability has been a struggle for our nation for far too long, large in part why the U.S. spends on average $128 billion dollars annually on agriculture import; fresh and processed vegetables accounting for the majority. rising fuel and transportation costs, large scale inflation along with uncertainty amongst U.S. and European + Asian countries continues to put additional stress on critical food demand within the U.S.

At Le Roots, our model of creating indoor vertical farming via our greenhouses, in highly populated urban markets, not only creates local sustainability but also brings premium food solutions to these markets where there is continued high demand; and we’ll do so at an affordable price.

Who We Are
  • Christina Suarez Alvarez

    Owner & founder

    Christina Suarez Alvarez was born in Tampa and raised in the Dominican Republic, until the age of 10. She graduated from the Academy of the Holy Names in 2007 then migrated down to Boca Raton where she attended Florida Atlantic University for the first two years then transferred to the University of Central Florida to complete her degree in Business Administration.

    She is apart of a 4th generation family business, Arturo Fuente & Co.; and always imagined she would get her degree and go right into working for the family business. Two years in, as much as she loved working with family, there was something missing. She decided to follow her heart and enroll in one of New York’s top 3 culinary schools. Six months later, she moved to Manhattan to pursue her dreams as a chef. After working under revered chefs, such as Daniel Boulud and as a food stylist for Food Network and abc’s The Chew, she decided to bring her experience back to her beloved hometown of Tampa, Florida.

    Today, she runs her own food media business along with her & her husband’s family-office, Rooster Capital and is Co-Founder & president of Le Roots. In July of 2022, she also took on the title of “mom” and is enjoying the wild ride of parenthood alongside her husband, Zack & 100-lb labradoodle, Oliver.

  • Zack Alvarez

    Owner & founder

    Zack Alvarez was born & raised in Tampa, Florida and is a 4th-generation Tampa native.

    He graduated from Tampa Catholic High School in 2007 and received his B.S. in Accounting from the University of South Florida and his M.B.A. in Accounting from Saint Leo University.  He currently serves as Co-Founder and CEO of Le Roots, with over 15 years of management consulting and public accounting experience for a national, top-10 public accounting and advisory firm, in addition to founding his own boutique advisory firm.

    Zack served clients in both New York and Tampa offices across various industries inclusive of private equity, family offices, real estate, hospitality, cultivation, consumer products, shipping, distribution, and many more. He has provided clients with professional services ranging from attest, SEC consulting, and interim-CFO, to performing quality of earnings analyses, financial and operational due diligence, post-acquisition advisory, performance improvement, financial and operational modeling, and cash flow management. Zack has also assisted clients in need of strategic, financial and
    operational turnaround, as well as working alongside companies as their financial advisor throughout all stages of Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

    In 2020, Zack and his wife launched their family office, Rooster Capital, a private investment firm focused primarily on both early stage & growth stage private equity investments, along with direct real estate investments.

    Zack currently resides in Tampa with his wife Christina, son Zachary and dog Oliver.

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